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A short status update

As you may have noticed, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything. So here’s a status update so at least you know what I’m up to. First of all, about Dope Runner. Development is still going on, but it has slowed down a lot. For now, I have to do a lot of field testing. Since this is a location based app, this means I have to go outside and test it in all sorts of locations, wich takes a lot of time. So it will take a while to finish it. The entire project was way more demanding than I could ever imagine, so if I ever start something like this again I’ll make sure I’ve got some help.

So I won’t be doing much coding on Dope Runner for a while, but in the meantime I have started a new project. It’s an entirely different kind of app, but it will be finished much faster. For now, I won’t tell what it will be, but I will post an update soon!

Here we go again!

So here it is, my website reborn. When I started it, it ran on Joomla. This turned out to be waaay to complicated for me. Since I was already more or less familiar with WordPress, I decided to use it instead of Joomla. Although it’s a blog platform, it can also be used as a general CMS, and it’s a lot more user friendly. I intend to do some blogging about my projects, but don’t expect daily updates!

For newcomers, Epic Zombie is my hobby project. I’m an Android developer. If you wonder where the name comes from, when I registered the domain name I tried out random combinations of words until I found one that wasn’t taken. Like all Android developers, I hope to hit the jackpot one day, make an incredibly succesfull app, become a millionaire and buy a Ferrari. But before that happens, monkeys will probably come out of my butt.

What can you expect from this website? Details about my apps, of course, and from time to time, some news about the stuff I’m working on. And the occasional post about all things Android. New hardware, OS updates, other apps I like, and so on.

Never ask me if or when my apps will be available for the iPhone. That will happen when hell freezes over!