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About Epic Zombie

Epic Zombie is a hobby project of me. I’ve been programming ever since I first got an introduction to Turbo Pascal in high school. I have dabbled a bit in game development and now my focus is on Android. Since I do this as a hobby, I try to keep my ambitions in the realm of what’s possible. My main interest are location based apps. One of my other hobbies is geocaching, that’s where the interest originates.

At the moment I do everything myself. Coding, designing, graphics, everything. I hope to be able to afford to outsource some of the stuff I’m not very good at (starting with graphics) at some point in the future. Oh, and I run this website as well.

Don’t expect daily updates about my projects. I’m not a blogger. I’ll do a few posts each month at most. Better a few good, in-depth posts than lots of short updates. That’s what Twitter is for!

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