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A few questions about Dope Runner answered

I want to answer two questions I’ve been asked about Dope Runner, my upcoming Android game. First of all, will the app be free or paid? There will be a free version, wich will only allow you to play on small maps and will have a small ad in the main screen. The full version will give you access to all map sizes and will be ad-free. I haven’t decided on the price yet, but it won’t cost much.

Second, people have asked me if the game will support multiplayer. It won’t, and here are a few reasons why. Multiplayer programming isn’t easy, and I do this all by myself. I simply don’t have the time to learn all this. When not done properly, it could ruin the game. This is especially true on a mobile device, where you’re on a potentially slow wireless network. Getting this to work without too much lag requires a professional team of programmers and a good server infrastructure.

Another reason why I won’t add multiplayer support is because this doesn’t work well for location based games. When I launch the game, it won’t have thousands of players overnight. Or ever at all. So what are the odds of two players being near each other? Imagine playing an MMO and never seeing other players. It’s the same with location based games, or even worse. Not only would it require a large player base, it would require players that are near each other! I decided not to waste any time on multiplayer and try to create a good single-player experience.

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