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Archive | July, 2012

Dope Runner update

It’s been a while since my last update, and here’s why. My girlfriend moved in with me and we spent the last few weeks moving stuff (wich takes a long time and lots of trips if you don’t have a van or truck) and cleaning her old place. At last, everything is in place! Also, we got a cat! It’s a Persian/Ragdoll crossbreed, her name is Muffin and she’s the cutest little ball of fur I’ve ever seen.

But back to Dope Runner. Here’s a list of stuff that’s been added:

  • The trade screen. This can only be opened when you’re close to a drug dealer. I only made one for dealers, there will also be trade screens for labs and farms, and one for weapons. It shows a list of drugs and their buy/sell prices. The sell price is always 10% lower than the buy price. This means, if you buy something, change your mind and sell it back, you lose money! It also means the price has to go up at least 10% before you can make a profit. For buying and selling drugs, you click on the drug you want to trade and select the amount.
  • The inventory screen. At the moment, this only shows the drugs you have on you. Later on, it will also show weapons and ammo. When the safehouse is implemented, you will also be able to dump stuff in your safehouse from here.

The next step is a price list screen, and implementing the algoritms for adjusting the prices. The price constantly fluctuates between two values, and from time to time the price can either crash for a short period of time, or go through the roof. These will be the perfect times to buy and sell drugs