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Archive | May, 2012

Epic Trivia has arrived!

The new app I have been talking about in my Twitter stream has arrived! The app itself has been ready for about two weeks now, I have been mostly busy adding content. It’s called Epic Trivia and, as you may have guessed, it’s about trivia! The cool thing about this app is that the content is not part of the app itself, it is stored in an online database. If new content is added, it is not necessary to install any updates.

How to use this app? First, you select the categories. At the moment, there are six categories with a hundred trivia each, but this number will go up. In the “About” dialog box, you can see the exact number of trivia at any time. After selecting the categories, you are taken to the trivia. You get the question, the answer is hidden. To reveal the answer, simple touch the question mark!

Like I said, at the moment there are six categories with a hundred trivia each. I will add new content all the time, expanding existing categories and adding new ones. I will post about this in my Twitter stream when that happens. Here’s a quick look at the app:

If you wanna give it a try (and why wouldn’t you?), check it out on Google Play!

Here we go again!

So here it is, my website reborn. When I started it, it ran on Joomla. This turned out to be waaay to complicated for me. Since I was already more or less familiar with WordPress, I decided to use it instead of Joomla. Although it’s a blog platform, it can also be used as a general CMS, and it’s a lot more user friendly. I intend to do some blogging about my projects, but don’t expect daily updates!

For newcomers, Epic Zombie is my hobby project. I’m an Android developer. If you wonder where the name comes from, when I registered the domain name I tried out random combinations of words until I found one that wasn’t taken. Like all Android developers, I hope to hit the jackpot one day, make an incredibly succesfull app, become a millionaire and buy a Ferrari. But before that happens, monkeys will probably come out of my butt.

What can you expect from this website? Details about my apps, of course, and from time to time, some news about the stuff I’m working on. And the occasional post about all things Android. New hardware, OS updates, other apps I like, and so on.

Never ask me if or when my apps will be available for the iPhone. That will happen when hell freezes over!